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THE SEASON TACKLE SDN BHD - TST was founded in the year 1993. Over 24 (twenty-four) years in the business industry, TST had developed an incomparable unique culture and solidify its foundation and achieved remarkably results in the market. It had taking steps to serve our customers and distributors base globally and enterprising our products internationally.

All of our key products, Lemax®, Xzoga®, Gawas®, Matador®, Dragon Claw®, Megapro®, Sealand®, Ikano® and Figo® was professionally designed and engineered by a professional team that lead by Mr. Leonard Lim, the Managing Director cum Founder of THE SEASON TACKLE SDN. BHD. (hereinafter called TST) who has over 30 years of experience in marketing, product development and of course, a professional angler who knows exactly what a angler’s need.

All the above products had already created an unbeatable force in the industry and setting subsidiaries in many major countries in the South East Asia and Europe region and to the world.

Nevertheless, TST will continue to provide better services to our customers and dealers in Malaysia and to the rest of the world as the ultimate target set fore.
Our main responsibility is to facilitate our customers and distributors with efficient delivery of goods and quality services. As part of the administrative commitment and support to our distributors, we always strive to do better in fulfill a total customer satisfaction.

The company has developed an ongoing commitment to the management of innovation that it justifiably claims to be unrivalled. Boosting growth, improving productivity and reducing cost without limiting creativity is a huge challenge, which TST has overcome through its strong entrepreneurial culture. TST involves people at every level in innovation – in technology, process, product and environmental progress. This delivers not only a constant stream of new ideas and opportunities, but is also a supreme motivator and a source of challenger for its employees.
We always dedicated to invent our own quality brand for market development that is based in Malaysia but spread to the world. We create a harmonious relationship with all of our business partner and affiliates to promote our own quality brand locally and internationally for mutual benefits. Grow and share benefits together with our business partner are always our main priority.

TST stated vision is to be the most innovative enterprise and the preferred supplier. Not only does TST strive to achieve this year-on-year, achieving accolades both for its management of innovation and for specific new products, but it continues to deliver impressive profits, regularly earning itself a mention amongst the region’s most respected companies. TST has built a reputation not just for its supreme products and solutions but also for it conducts its operation.

“TST, always strive for a better future”

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